Licenced & insured
Your Home Is Our Reputation
Licenced & insured
Your Home Is Our Reputation
Licenced & insured
Your Home Is Our Reputation
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    We pride ourselves on giving you fast, quality-guaranteed service! From the consultation, to installation, and especially for emergency solutions, our highly-skilled inspectors and roofing crew are community-members who live and work locally. They know what they need to know, and aim to give you the best service possible. Contact Rafa Roofing & Construction for a familiar face and expert workmanship.
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    Rafa Roofing & Construction prioritizes integrity, top-quality service and customer satisfaction. We meet and raise industry standards in all that we do for our clients!
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    Neat and nifty: that’s a design-mantra to live by! Rafa Roofing & Construction will iron out the rough edges and deliver a look and feel that reminds you continually why you love your home!
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    You can trust Rafa Roofing & Construction to lay a firm foundation, build beautifully, and remain irreversibly sturdy. Contact us today to satisfy your concrete demands!
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    Siding & Gutters
    We offer a variety of siding and gutter-pipe options, integrated designs and careful planning that makes any construction dream of yours a reality. Warranties and close-inspection will keep your exterior pipework long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.