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    Exterior Home Improvement

    Business and Home Improvement Services

    For the Exterior and Interior

    Owning a home or business comes with many responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is seeing to its upkeep. From the roof to the foundation, it is imperative to keep your property in tip top shape. This will help keep your family, valuables, employees, customers and business assets safe and secure. 

    When the time inevitably comes for you to hire a business and home improvement services company,  consider RAFA Roofing & Construction. We are well established in the local area, produce fine craftsmanship and have many years of experience. 

    Siding and Gutters

    Serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose, siding provides an additional layer of protection between the world inside and the interior of your home or business. You should always leave siding repair or replacement in the capable hands or professionals. 

    The gutter system might not immediately come to mind when thinking about business and home improvement services, but it should. Gutters protect the infrastructure of your property from water damage by funneling water away from it. 


    Playing multiple roles, windows are one of the most critical components of a structure. If designed well and installed correctly, these unassuming panes of glass can elevate the decor scheme inside and out, provide heat and cold insulation and let in a refreshing breeze when opened. 

    Naturally, RAFA Roofing & Construction includes window installation and replacement. 


    If you want to expand your living space without building an addition on your home, a deck is the perfect solution. Our capable team will work side-by-side with you to ensure we construct the deck of your dreams. 

    Indoor and Outdoor Painting

    You should never underestimate the wow factor a coat or two of paint can have on the interior or exterior of your property. It can elevate its aesthetic significantly. This is the reason why RAFA Roofing & Construction includes painting in our business and home improvement services. 

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