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    Interior and Exterior Painting Services

    Elevate Your Property’s Aesthetic

    You do not have to give your home or business a structural overhaul if you want to spruce it up a bit. Instead, consider getting the interior, exterior or both painted. You might be surprised by what a big difference it makes! 

    RAFA Roofing & Construction meticulously paints the inside and outside of residential and commercial properties. We use a detail-oriented approach to ensure that every paint job we complete is even and neat, and complements your decor scheme. And we will always clean up every trace of our work before we wrap up. When you hire our team, you do not have to worry about the paint job, or the areas around it, being a mess! 

    Interior Painting Services

    Preparation goes a long way when it comes to painting the interior of your home or business. Ideally, the space should be cleared of everything. This includes hardware, light fixtures and doors – items that an experienced team like RAFA Roofing & Construction will not overlook. This helps protect these items and sets the stage for a better paint job. 

    We will also inspect the space for any dents, cracks, bumps or nails. These flawed spots need to be filled in with spackle or painter’s putty to ensure the paint job will be smooth. 

    Exterior Painting Services

    Not all types of paint are created equal when it comes to interior projects versus exterior projects. When painting the exterior of a property, it is essential to use extra durable, water-resistant paint that will hold up well against stressors like extreme weather and pests. 

    Our painters have the in-depth knowledge necessary to choose paints that are appropriate for outdoor use. 

    Transform Your Property

    It all starts with an initial consultation with RAFA Roofing & Construction. 

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