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    Residential Wood Fencing

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    A fence can make a huge difference in the functionality and enjoyment of your yard. Depending on the style and construction, it can provide coveted privacy, keep your kids or pets securely in the yard, or serve as a clear boundary between your yard and those of your neighbors. 

    All of this hinges on the fencing being made of the proper materials, designed well and installed properly. RAFA Roofing & Construction has the advanced expertise, hands-on experience and industry connections to meet all of this criteria for you. 

    Secure Your Yard

    Do you have kids and/or pets? If you do, chances are good that you would rest easy if there was a way to secure them in the yard. A fence, especially one that is high enough to prevent them from climbing or jumping out, serves this purpose nicely. 

    The concept works from the outside in as well. Consider getting a sturdy lock installed on the fencing gate to keep intruders and threats to your family out of the yard. 

    Enjoy Privacy While Outside

    You might be someone who prefers privacy when you spend time in your yard. As you can imagine, a privacy fence is the perfect way to achieve this goal. These fences are made of solid material and connected in a way that eliminates openings. It is this type of design that gives your family privacy. 

    Make sure that if a homeowners association (HOA) delegates your neighborhood, you run any potential designs by them and get their approval. Doing so with fencing is essential because, since it is outside, it affects the aesthetics of the neighborhood. And therefore, it is in their jurisdiction. 

    Pulling It Off

    RAFA Roofing & Construction has what it takes to install fencing that you will love and enjoy for a long time. 

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