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    Concrete Driveway Paving

    General Contractor With Concrete Expertise

    Laying a Sturdy Foundation

    Make no mistake about it: concrete work is an art form. You might not think so, but the truth remains. RAFA Roofing & Construction carefully mixes each concrete formula to ensure it reaches its highest potential for strength. After all, this is the structure that the weight of your home or building will stand on. 

    Not just any general contractor will do when it comes to concrete projects. The team must:

    • Be well versed in the type of concrete selected
    • Mix the concrete correctly
    • Pour the concrete using proper form
    • Examine the final product to ensure there are no flaws

    It takes a perfect balance of skill, experience and knowledge to achieve these objectives. The RAFA Roofing & Construction team has this balance. 

    What Is Concrete?

    There are good reasons why builders have been working with concrete for centuries. Advantages of using this material include strength, longevity and an attractive price point. Plus, the design options for concrete have become plentiful in recent years, with a large variety of choices available. 

    So, what role does concrete play in construction? It is a binding agent for brick-laying jobs. Whereas lime and clay were both used widely in the past, concrete has replaced them. Simply by adding water and the right mixture of other ingredients, concrete becomes a binding chemical with the ability to hold bricks, sand and aggregate. It is a material the average general contractor simply cannot live without.   

    Proper Care

    While concrete is certainly durable, it is subject to stressors like extreme weather and water damage, just like any other building material. This is the reason why you should entrust RAFA Roofing & Construction with the ongoing care and maintenance of your property. We are a well-informed general contractor that can inspect it on a regular basis and take the necessary steps to preserve it.  

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