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    “Framing” is a term the average person might not have heard of, but when it comes to your property, it plays a critical role. The frame of your home or business is its bones; it keeps the structure from falling down. 

    Naturally, you should only entrust projects that involve framing to a highly skilled and experienced contractor like RAFA Roofing & Construction. We do excellent work to ensure that the frame of your property is sturdy and built to last. 

    What Is Framing?

    Have you ever walked a new construction site at the phase where the wood and metal structure is complete, but elements like plaster have not yet been done? This is the framing stage. 

    Contractors like RAFA Roofing & Construction create the frame by connecting beams to form a structure. The design of the structure depends on what the homeowners or business owners have decided they want. Regardless, a clear size and shape is visible at this point. 

    Building codes require construction companies to adhere to certain standards when they frame a building or addition. Following these basic principles of engineering is essential for properly constructing a structure. 

    Framing Materials

    The primary materials used differ from residential to commercial buildings. 

    Homes are typically framed with wood, which offers the following advantages:

    • An inexpensive price tag
    • Easier to lift due to weighing less
    • Easy to cut
    • Does not require welding 
    • Holds up well over time

    Metal is used to frame the majority of commercial buildings. It offers its own benefits like:

    • Durability
    • Easy to maintain
    • Stability
    • Withstands rigorous commercial applications 

    Framing With Care

     You can rest assured that when RAFA Roofing & Construction frames your property, it will be done right.  

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