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    Regardless of the type of property you own, at some point you will need work done on it. This might be in the form of repairs, a replacement or remodeling. Regardless, the best case scenario is having a single go-to company that can fulfill any of these needs. This will save you the time and hassle of constantly vetting companies every time a new need arises. 

    RAFA Roofing & Construction is a general contractor that specializes in a large variety of roofing and construction work. More importantly, our team has a skillset, level of experience and in-depth knowledge that distinguishes us from other local contractors. 

    What Sets Us Apart

    Why should you choose RAFA Roofing & Construction? We bring a strong work ethic, advanced expertise and dedicated customer service to the table in a way few other companies do. The benefits of hiring us as your general contractor include:

    • A high level of competence and professionalism
    • Application of advanced technology and effective techniques
    • Specialization in big-scale projects
    • Use of the latest and greatest materials from the industry’s top brands 
    • High quality at fair prices
    • Advanced expertise in each area of our business
    • Meticulous planning and execution of each project
    • Detail-oriented, systematic implementation of your project

    Our Service Offerings

    In addition to the traits above, RAFA Roofing & Construction provides a full suite of general contractor services, including: 

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    You can reach the RAFA Roofing & Construction team one of two easy ways. 

    Fill out our online contact form, or call us at (402) 381-8222. Get started now!

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